Our Production Process

With the creativity of our in-house designers, weavers, and our artisans we deliver high quality products with distinctive design patterns and unbelievable sizes.

Starting from the high end premium Hand knotted carpets to Handlooms, Hand tufted, Broadlooms, Pitlooms and Punja looms we have a large variety of products which is further segregated into different kinds of materials we are using.

Silk, wool, bamboo, cotton, Jute, Hemp, Chenille, etc. working with the most sustainable, eco-friendly and bio degradable raw materials which are extracted from mother nature and are shaped by our most skillful and hardworking artisans.

Each of our product signifies the hard work, ability and creative skills of our artisans. Every rug has its own story and its own life which the artisan has given to it. The perfection in design, size and different color combinations makes it "One of a kind".

The exclusivity of our product makes us different from all in the industry and it gives us and edge in portraying our brand in the market.